Some Like It Shot Book Review

Some Like It Shot Book Review

Some Like it Shot is the 6th instalment in the Movie Club Mysteries by Zara Keane. Where Maggie is struggling with finances and is currently looking for a Mian Coon when someone comes to her with a letter that is a death threat. Along with some mysterious going ons, on the set of her sister’s movie.

Maggie seems to have it all hit her at once Movie Reel Investigations is in financial trouble where they only have one active case a missing cat that Maggie feels is unlikely to find. As she is just giving up hope she’s approached by someone that lives in the caravan park as she’s getting death threats. When Maggie takes her back to her office she realises the person in question isn’t exactly the most likeable person. Lenny is on hand to prank her when she gets back to the office that leads to an accident.

While not getting the case and having to go the Doctor’s Maggie meets a bodyguard from the movie her sister is the lead female role, in which he arranges for her to meet the director as he might have some work for Movie Reel Investigations. Injured but not having much choice to keep her business afloat she can’t really decline the work.

Like most series, I read and get up to date with I do worry that I won’t know what’s going on every time I go back to a new release as I am used to binge reading series but I have to say once I got started with Some Like it Shot I just fell into the story. Zara Keane didn’t go back over the cliff notes like Jim Butcher did with Peace Talks but I found myself at ease in the Universe having everything coming back to me. While there were some standout characters as always the one for me that makes these stories is Lenny. He never takes things too seriously and always add humour to the most negative of scenes.

Overall I gave Some Like it Shot 5/5 because it was the first book in a while I just was happy reading and didn’t want to really put it down. The plot twists kept me wondering and the chaos that is Maggie’s life is always interesting.

Interesting Quote

“You think someone is trying to sabotage the movie?” I asked. “But why?” “To hurt me,” Beth insisted. “Aren’t you listening? I’m the target.”

Keane, Zara. Some Like It Shot (Movie Club Mysteries, Book 6): An Irish Cozy Mystery (pp. 58-59). Beaverstone Press. Kindle Edition.