The Seventh Star Book Review

The Seventh Star Book Review

The Seventh Star is the seventh book in the King’s Watch series in which sees the highly anticipated Mina’s Bollywood extravaganza. However, there is a surprise visitor.

The Seventh Star sees multiple problems for Conrad as he takes on a new post in the north and has more dealing with the Fae, along with the introduction of new supernatural creatures to the universe that we haven’t seen so far. As Conrad takes a new post he needs to deal with having a new partner as well that throws some interesting twists into the story.

The story was good and told from different sides, which was also a nice touch as we get to know more of the characters intimately. However, it was also a negative because of how Mark Hayden moved between characters and perspectives was to use their logo which was novel but reading on a kindle at times I didn’t always instantly identify each person’s logo. That said though the fact that other people’s perspective was written in a third and first-person hybrid way so that you could quickly work out who you were focusing on.

The Seventh Star was well-paced while a bit confusing at times as we jump to different people it was intriguing as our favourite characters started to get to know new areas in the world of magick. It also added some depth to the Fae and Gnomes while adding creatures we would have come to expect from this genre to the series where they haven’t appeared before.

Overall I gave The Seventh Star 3/5 it was an enjoyable read and while writing this review I am wondering if it should have been higher. It was nice to see Chris and a few other smaller characters get some story time and with the changes of Conard’s new appointment and the way he seems to gather more titles how the story will continue. However, this instalment is definitely not one that you want to read without reading the rest of the series first.