Ring of Troth Book Review

Ring of Troth Book Review

Ring of Troth is the third Novella written by Mark Hayden based on the King’s Watch Series that focuses on Mina’s debt to Pramiti.

Ring of Troth starts midway through Eight Kings after Conrad has proposed to Mina she has said yes and that brings the problem of Pramiti who is a serpent shapeshifter that needs a magickal ruby that she says she was cheated out of. As this develops however it becomes clear that it might not be as clear cut as it was once first thought. Which leaves an opening for the Fae to come into the story.

What also was interesting about this Novella it wasn’t hugely pushed by Eight of Kings like the previous ones had been however it was left in such a way that you wanted to read it. What also made this one different was that yes it was focused on Mina’s viewpoint but it brought in another problem not just dealing with the issue in hand and for such short stories this was impressive because it seemed to help the story along quite nicely along with answering a few questions from the main series.

The characters that stood out for me was obviously Mina because she really came into her own here. Taking charge in a world that she doesn’t have any powers shows good guts. However, the stand out character for me was Chris Kelly’s wife Tamsin she was a nice change to the characters that we currently have in the story as she doesn’t feel as strong and determined kind of like how Vicky was in the beginning.

Ring of Troth was a very enjoyable read and got 4/5 on Goodreads because there was nothing wrong with it. I liked the character development and it left some doors open for them to enter the main series along with the trouble it could cause.

Interesting Quote

Like most magickal institutions, the Collective Council is proud of its history and independence. In other words, they didn’t admit women until they were absolutely forced to.

Hayden, Mark. Ring of Troth (A King’s Watch Story Book 3) (pp. 71-72). Paw Press. Kindle Edition.