Geforce Now Initial Thoughts

Geforce Now Initial Thoughts

NVIDIA GeForce Now is NVIDIA throwing their hat into the Gaming Streaming Service Market but with a difference.

GeForce Now is Cloud Gaming with a difference. Up and until now most Cloud Gaming ventures have been subscription with a limited library. This however from NVIDIA is similar but with a difference it doesn’t come with a library of instant games, you have to own the game before you can play it.

Right now of writing this article, it’s free for an hour of gameplay at a time or £4.99 a month for priority in the queue times and then 5 hours of gameplay in one session. At the moment I haven’t taken the plunge and bought the premium version as I was just testing it to see how it ran on my system and to be honest it runs quite well.

The negatives of it though are while I was setting it up to my connection to their servers was only getting 18megs when the required is 15 meg and recommended is 50 meg. As you can see from my connection stats as part of the Lockdown the Internet and You post I have a 60 meg connection. So while using the balanced settings or any of the presets it would only give me 720p 30 FPS. The other concern I have is that you have to log in to your steam account to verify you have the game before you begin playing every time so from a security standpoint your adding a risk there.

With that said however I went into custom and bumped that up to 1080p 60 FPS while playing Satisfactory and found very few ill effects. Every so often you’ll get a bit of pixelation and the notification saying spotty connection but for the most part, it seems stable.

In conclusion though over the past 3 days of using the service I have been happy with it. My workaround to the quality seems to be working well and because I am playing Satisfactory the odd bit of pixelation isn’t the end of the world. Along with the security issues I keep 2 Factor Authentication on so feel like it is a moot point my concerns of putting in my login details every time. Would I recommend the service? Honest answer yes but I think it depends on the game your wanting to play. If it is a first-person shooter it might not work for you however with the free tier you haven’t got anything to lose because you can try it and see how your internet connection can handle the system.