Wings Over Water Book Review

Wings Over Water Book Review

Wings over Water is a Novella written by Mark Hayden as part of the King’s Watch Series. Set in the middle of Nine of Wands and unlike Phantom Stag the main story had made it while known the timeline in which this story was taking place.

Wings over Water introduces Roberta “Woody” Woodhouse as the Peculier Necromancer into the series and she is the person that goes around England dealing with hauntings and when she ends in an old RAF base that was only used in World War 2 in Draxholt she asks for the help of Conrad.

Wings over Water had something else about it compared to other books in the series so far. While they have been scary and dark in places this novella did seem even darker dealing with some big topics we haven’t had answered so far in the main series. With that said however after the build-up in Nine Wands to this story disappointed slightly because I had hoped to find out more about Maddie than we did. Part of the big push that Nine Wands made was that we would find out more about Maddie and we did but I didn’t feel like it lived up to my expectations as it left me with more questions about her.

Wings over Water was action-packed however for the length of the book and was a nice introduction of Woody to the series if she is to feature further on in the story. There is potential in her character and I can see her being a great help to Conard in the future even though her speciality does seem to alienate her from the Watch itself.

Overall I gave Wings over Water 3/5 because for me I just felt let down by the lack of information about Maddie. If the main story hadn’t made it feel like this was going to answer your questions about her then it would be scoring much higher. With that said another good side story that can be read without reading the main series but I do feel to completely understand it you still need to have read the main series. It was well-paced and although at times I wish it would have been longer so we could find out more about people I did enjoy it.