The Dresden Files: Peace Talks Book Review

The Dresden Files: Peace Talks Book Review

Peace Talks is the sixteenth book in the Dresden Files and sees the return of Harry Dresden as the nations of the Supernatural all descend on Chicago. Harry running as part of the White Council to help keep the talks civil can he do it?

Going into Peace Talks I was a little worried as I hadn’t had time to reread The Dresden Series but I need not of worried because as soon as I got through the first chapter I found myself back submersed in the Universe that is The Dresden Files. While it has been two years for me since I read the last Dresden Files book I don’t feel like the people that have waited 6 years for this book would have many issues either.

This review is going to be hard to write without giving too many spoilers away but the only negative I can find from this book was that it did give the feeling of The Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 1 of the movie series. It felt as if this book is just leading up to Battleground and setting the scene.

Although I have been reading quite a lot of Urban Fiction at the moment in the form of The King’s Watch by Mark Hayden. Peace Talks just reminded me why Jim Butcher had managed to get me reading in the first place. Not taking anything away from Mark Hayden because I have been enjoying his writing style and stories but the way Jim managed to bring me crashing back into the universe with ease just spoke volumes. The other part was that we got to see all the major characters again along with starting to understand the toll that this journey for want of a better word has taken on them not just Harry.

The two standout relationship developments for me in this book was Ebenezar and Harry. While they didn’t feature as prominently the other relationship that stuck out to me was Molly and the relationship she now has with her family after becoming the Winter Lady.

Overall I gave Peace Talks 5/5 while by the end of the book I was left feeling like it was the build-up to Battle Ground and a bit of a filler. I felt the book has some interesting turns that I didn’t see coming and some WOW moments, it is no doubt leading up to Battle Ground in my opinion but don’t write this instalment off because it has its challenges and twists for Harry. I am also very glad that we only have to wait until the 29th September for Battle Ground.

Interesting Quote

I sputtered and said, “Suppose she asks me to steal something?” “I expect you to acquire it.” “Suppose she asks me to burn down a building?” “I expect a mountain of fine ash.” “Suppose she asks me to kill someone?” “I expect their corpse to be properly disposed of,” Mab said.

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