Nine of Wands Book Review

Nine of Wands Book Review

Nine of Wands starts with Conrad in Spain with his parents as they enjoy some time out and allowing Mina the time to get to know the family. What could go wrong? A Tarot reading.

Nine of Wands is the fifth book of the Kings Watch Series by Mark Hayden and it leaves off from Tenfold where Conrad has a few things to drop off but then enjoy a well-earned break. While he’s away though he senses some Magick and ends up getting his Tarot cards read that turned out to be quite interesting. One of the cards were blocked even to someone that had Magick to help them.

The Watch is still on the hunt for the Codex and with Vicky’s promotion, it has meant they need to find another two Officers, which was an interesting process. They went to the college to give a lecture about the Dragonslaying now that everything had calmed down and picked up some recruits. I had no issue with this it was an interesting change of dynamic however in the build-up there was a reference to a Novella that hadn’t been in the storyline so far. Which put me off a little because while I want to read the Novella in question after this story it felt more pushed upon you than Phantom Stag. It had your intrigue for the new Novella which was its intent but some reason I felt a little let down the way it was put into the story. With that said though I thought the references to Phantom Stag were done correctly.

The story this time was well done with some really interesting twist and turns. The character pool ever-expanding brings more dynamic to the series along with existing ones not being able to be kept in the dark about Magick, is an interesting twist with some really good life lessons put in place. I also liked the way that the search for the Codex has been put on the back burner but the case they found themselves on still leads slightly towards the problem.

Overall I gave Nine of Wands 4/5 because I did enjoy the book it had the pace that we’ve come to expect along with being a little easier to follow even with the new characters. The character development and interaction were second to none again in which the only reason I really couldn’t give this book a 5/5 was because of the way the author referenced the Novella that hadn’t been mentioned to this point in the way that he did. With that said it was an enjoyable read and the last chapter has blown things out of the water and I can’t wait to read the next instalment.

Interesting Quote

It was time to take charge. ‘Xavi. Secure that man. Desi, put Vic in the recovery position and do not touch that knife. It needs to stay in her back. Understand?

Hayden, Mark. Nine of Wands (The King’s Watch Book 5) (p. 229). Paw Press. Kindle Edition.