EVE Rant 7th July 2020: The Spin Is Real

EVE Rant 7th July 2020: The Spin Is Real

This week the world of EVE Online saw the spin doctors at their best and we had the State of the Goonion on Saturday and the State of Legacy Coalition on Sunday. Which was better? Along with my views on both statements and concerns surrounding them.

The State of the Gooniun

This was a history lesson and well thought out speech by the Mittani where he goes back through history, highlighting previous wars and conflicts that Goons have had and saying that they have been put to bed. He then went on to say that TEST was next. He was highlighting how TEST has always been backstabbers and that even though the entire of EVE was coming for them that they would actively only be going after TEST. What does that mean? For me, it means that anyone on TEST side can get caught in the crossfire but it means that Goons are not going to hunt out the other alliances they are going to just go after TEST space and infrastructure. If put on a battlefield if entities don’t shoot at them they aren’t going to shoot at those entities but there will be no free pass for TEST. This extends even to the alliances of Legacy, they will not hold a grudge either after this all said and done to those smaller alliances within Legacy for following TEST into battle. This speech was mainly focused on the upcoming war no greater reasoning.

The State of Legacy

This also was a history lesson but far less storytime style where Progrod just blamed the Imperium for the stagnation in the game. Where he made out that Goons with their super fleets were killing off any conflict that could happen without even going into combat. The problem he said was that Goons didn’t generate content without TEST in recent years and that the player base should take ownership of the part we have to play in making this game successful it can’t be just down to the CCP to achieve this. TEST leadership then went onto say that there would be a lot of changes and alliances being blued to stop the Imperium having so much control over the game without doing anything.

My Conclusion

Trying to wade through the spin and what these messages were saying wasn’t difficult for me. The problem here is the Imperium have over the last 5 years only taken conflicts they can win and for the rest of the time sat back in Delve and put the hard yards in to have this super fleet they’ve worked for. Is that every member of the Imperium I would guess not but its the majority. I am part of Legacy so I don’t know the inner workings of the Imperium so wouldn’t like to comment but I have to say for me The Mattani won the day. With the State of the Goonium because he kept it relevant to the conflict he didn’t complain about the state of the game or justify his actions and it did feel like storytime. Part of my annoyance with State of the Legacy was Progod was saying we were doing it for the good of the game which he could genuinely believe and I do for a small part as I know conflict is a huge factor in EVE. However here is my problem with what Progod or TEST Leadership, in a sandbox game they are forcing how they want to play the game on others.

Don’t get me wrong I can see why they call Null-Sec stale to the people that want to be constantly at war and I agree there needs to be conflict but that isn’t everyone’s playstyle. It sounds to me that Imperium has a mix of players and supports every part of the game. Who hasn’t been ganked by a Goon in high sec? Who doesn’t know about the Imperiums Industrial might? Goons have been seen all over the galaxy doing different activities. I would guess there is a sig in Goons for every activity in the game. I will be honest I joined and Industrial Corporation in TEST because I like shooting things but I also enjoy having downtime and building things. I have felt that in TEST that playstyle is forgotten about and an afterthought. TEST could achieve Goon style if they wanted but they need in leadership anyway constant conflict of which I have no real issue with but I don’t believe we should be forcing that playstyle on other groups that don’t believe the same. Which is fundamentally what is happening here or at least how I took Progod’s speech.