Tenfold Book Review

Tenfold Book Review

Tenfold is the fourth book in The King’s Watch series and it has Conrad and the gang back in Clerkwell to find out what secrets his 11x Grandfather has.

Tenfold actually starts with Conrad needing to go back home to find out what secrets his Grandfather holds, and to see whether he can take these sins on and solve the mystery. A book had gone missing and the Keeper wants it back.

Tenfold for me was well-paced with some interesting twist and turns along the way. Like The Eleventh Hour some of these were hard to follow when the story was moving at a fast pace mainly working out who was who. However, that said it opened up even more of the mythical creatures to the universe and has set the series on an even better foundation.

Well, I was interested in all the characters and it’s great to see them evolve there were two relationships and characters that stood out for me in Tenfold and that was Hannah and Desi. Hannah because Conrad got to see more of her personal life and as he does the reader gets to see her go from an uptight boss to someone that does care about her team and shows her warming to Conard even though he does make her life harder. I also think that Desi and Conard’s relationship was well written in the book because she starts standoffish and just there to protect her best friend in Vicky to something else not wanting to give spoilers away, but it did feel organic.

Overall I gave Tenfold 4/5 while at times it could be difficult to follow it wasn’t as bad as The Eleventh Hour. The character development is second to none again and has left me in a bit of a dilemma in the fact that Mark Hayden has released a novella Phantom Stag as this part of the story and I am not sure whether to read that before moving onto the next instalment of the series.

Interesting Quote

A teacher once told me that there would always be someone taller, stronger, faster and smarter than me just round the corner. It stops me getting above myself.’

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