EVE Rant 29th June 2020

EVE Rant 29th June 2020

You just can’t get away from the Legacy and Imperium War this week. To be honest it was announced the time of writing the last EVE rant however I wanted time to digest this huge turn of events in EVE politics before I wrote anything about it.


So for all you EVE players that might be living under a rock or have been away from the game and just coming back here is what has happened one of the largest groups in EVE TEST have told the Imperium (Goons) that they no longer want to have the NIP in place. The NIP is a Non-Invasion Pack that means that fleets can go into each others space and fight with each other but they won’t attack each other’s infrastructure. Why did this come about? While about 3-4 years ago a maybe a little longer than that the entire of EVE banded together to take on Goons as they had got that big that no single entity could deal with them. They got pushed out of the north and retreated to the South now known as fortress Delve. After that success the alliance left in the North TEST, Co2 and Panfam after this victory no longer had the common enemy, so divides in that united front started to show. Without a target the bully or dominate force (not sure how to put it) in PanFam. Which is mainly made up of PL/NC and Pandemic Horde turned on TEST. Pushing them out of the North and left them with only really one option to go down South with Goons.

TEST then pushed The Russians then known as Stain Wagon out of Esoteria and the surrounding regions making a NIP with Goons that meant that they could set up home in Esoteria without having to worry about Goons coming in and hassling them while they put in the empire that we now know TEST has. Goons had already established themselves at this point in Delve but from all accounts after the loss of World War B or the Casino War depending on who you ask just wanted time to rebuild so while they could have made life harder for TEST gave them more time to rebuild. Likewise with TEST allowed them to take space and start rebuilding after the way the North went. Now I could be oversimplifying things and I don’t 100% know what went on back then because I was in neither of these blocs then or even really that interested in Null Sec politics.

Fast Forward to 2018 and all the political powers of the EVE excluding TEST now with a coalition called Legacy and Goons with the imperium come after TEST. This could be brought on by how TEST went in and got the outposts in Providence when they changed to faction citadels. Who knows but the entire of EVE was out to get Legacy and were under threat so they turned to the Imperium to help because it was just going to be too much even though at this point TEST had rebuilt to be one of the biggest superpowers in the game. Goons answered the batphone which caused some amazing conflicts both up North and down South. Goons would fight in the North and TEST would be fighting in the South because having such big battles in one place was killing the server and no one was getting anywhere. After this war and the attack was repelled from the South, TEST deployed North to carry on the fight. Whereas the Imperium pulled back only leaving a few SIG’s (Single Interest Groups) up there to have some fun.

2020 TEST ends the NIP with Goons.

My Opinion

While others might be relishing the prospect of War as a general TEST line member I have to say I am not relishing this prospect. TEST is made of a variety of different corporations now that have different histories. I have no for want of a better word hatred for Goons as in my EVE career they have never done anything to any of the entities that I have been with, whereas PamFam now Pandafam have. This war could see TEST aligning with the very people that have backstabbed us in recent times and see us working with Pandafam. Along with I do believe that everyone should get a second chance, but in recent history Goons (Imperium) have been there for us when we had needed them. As the chessboard moves around I had been on a break and was considering subbing again as I could see the war was coming for Goons from the North and was ready to resub to go to their aid as they had ours. However as it turns out our leadership had other ideas, and for this very reason, I am probably going to leave my TEST characters to go alpha and not take part in this war. It may cost me my place in TEST because I have requirements I have to hit and I don’t want to take part in this war but that’s a price I am willing to pay for standing by what I believe in.


This is a little confusing to me because there have been mix messaging, but from what I can gather is we are doing this because content has dried up and its our only option. Then there was its good for the game because while Imperium and Legacy aren’t at war with each other their can’t be a war. Along with Leadership saying there is stuff we don’t know.

Goons View

Just bring it! Along with a message from the other members of Legacy if they don’t want to fight in this war then Goons will leave them out of it and just gun for TEST.


Whatever happens, it should be interesting regardless of whether I agree with the decision or not. However, my moral compass is telling me not to join in on this war because to my mind Goons should be the ones breaking this NIP not TEST. Partly because right now it should be TEST repaying the favour. However, as a post from Villy has said the die has been cast and we will have to see how this develops. Will this be good for the game? I don’t know in all honesty I guess the answer would be yes because there has the potential for more conflict, however that very reason shouldn’t be in my opinion be a reason for breaking a relationship like this and might be just an excuse to validate your reasons for doing something. Along with the fact that very phrase is pushed around way too often in my opinion. If this does go to war, this could see TEST or Goons losing their space and foothold giving the power back to the North because whoever is left the victory will be substantially weaker even though they won.