The Eleventh Hour Book Review

The Eleventh Hour Book Review

The Eleventh Hour is the third book in The King’s Watch Series by Mark Hayden in where after the success of The 12 Dragon of Albion Conard and Vicky are due some rest. What could be more relaxing than Conrad arranging a romantic weekend in the Lake District to tie up some loose ends and spend the night with his girlfriend?

The Eleventh Hour starts with Vicky back with her parents recuperating from nearly dying in The 12 Dragon of Albion and Conard has been put on light duties while clearing up some loose ends. Given that his girlfriend is being allowed out on weekend release he plans a romantic weekend away at the same time. However, an innocent man is killed and something isn’t quite right that leads him and Vicky back to work even though they are on light duties.

At times I did find this instalment hard to follow. It was well thought out but as the story moves forward it teaches more about the universe of magick, that at times were hard to follow. This could be down to the current heat but I just couldn’t follow the twist and turns in this story that well.

The twists might have caused me some trouble but the story was well written and I did find it very interesting to find out more about Vicky. Conrad finds things out about Vicky in this book that he had misjudged her on and for someone that appeared to be quite open was a nice dent in the armour for want of a better phrase that he can get things wrong too. Along with all the new aspects of the Magick we came across in this book it has set the series in good stead.

Overall I gave The Eleventh Hour 3/5 on Goodreads because it wasn’t quite as flowing like the other books until now and that didn’t make it quite as engaging for me. That said I wouldn’t say it was a complete negative because it was action-packed with a huge step in character development and left the reader with intrigue at the end.

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Only the British could shove someone in a dungeon and leave tea bags, just to show it wasn’t personal.

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