Lockdown Speeds to Stay

Lockdown Speeds to Stay

I wrote an article about Lockdown and how it seemed to be affecting my internet speed. Now I must say my speeds are far from being the worst but they certainly aren’t the best I can get either. Here is where I think my connection is now stuck.

The back story here is I am relatively close to my exchange and that means that I do expect quite a good speed. The reason this is being highlighted right now is that I made some changes to my internal network that meant that I would be able to or should be able to leverage the full 70 megs my sync speed told me I was receiving. As my connection was quite happy for the most part before Lockdown my connection sit at 3db noise margins.

31st of March Stats

As you can see from the image above which was taken on 31st March my noise margins were aiming for 6db again. This makes sense because if your connection isn’t stable the noise margin targets go from 3db to 6db and then if it isn’t stable it would aim for 9db. While after 2 months I thought I would revisit and see what my router is doing because other than the odd power cut in this time I haven’t noticed any real slow down or change in it.

23rd of June State

As you can see it’s still happy at 6db and, to be honest, I doubt it will climb to 70 meg and go down to 3db unless an engineer comes out and resets the line. Of which they won’t do on its own unless you have a fault on the line or your speed is lower than the guaranteed speed that your ISP promises you. In my case, that’s 49Mbs so as you can see I am well above that.