The 12 Dragons of Albion Book Review

The 12 Dragons of Albion Book Review

The 12 Dragons of Albion is the second book in The King’s Watch series by Mark Hayden. Sees the story continue from The 13th Witch. Can Conrad pass the test to officially become a member of The Knights Watch or is a dragon going to be one step too far?

The 12 Dragon of Albion sees Conard Clarke now with a new challenge and to pass into the Knights Watch he has to go underground again, seeing his friend Mr Mole and having the Dwarves make his weapon and badge. Along with the need to find a Dragon which they had found the egg in a tunnel that Mr Mole had dug.

I enjoyed this book, its quite enjoyable to read Urban Fiction again and with this being based in the UK it brings even more to the story for me. My only problem with this instalment of the series is that it spent maybe a little too long focusing on the fact Conard needed to pass out into the Knight’s Watch and maybe not enough time on the actual problem in hand.

The addition of the Druids and their part in this story about a Dragon though was well placed and I enjoyed the fact that this all happened in Wales. The placing of the story isn’t the only positive for this instalment, it was impressive how the world is expanding for Conard and we are learning more about it along with how the characters are developing.

The 12 Dragon of Albion got 4/5 on Goodreads from me and this is shaping up to be an awesome series and even up there with the Dresden Files. The way the characters have developed is really impressive and just makes you want to learn more about them, however, it was slow in places and may have had slightly the wrong focus for part of the story.

Interesting Quote

Detective Sergeant Helen Davies, Druid of Swansea, was not a forgettable person. She was large, fair of skin and hair, and combined empathy with determination. If I had to sum her up, it would be maternal powerhouse.

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