Down Among the Dead

Down Among the Dead

Down Among the Dead is the tenth instalment of the DI Nick Dixon series written by Damien Boyd. Can Dixon clear someone’s father that Jane is working with in Safe Guarding?

Down Among the Dead is an interesting instalment to the series because you see Nick being off work or on light duties because the surgery he has had to save his eyesight. However, DCI Lewis goes to see a dead body in his absence that has been dug up by an archaeologist group the case gets a little messy because it shows signs of being linked to a so-called serial killer that has been behind bars for 15 years and still appealing his innocents.

This story brings together all the man characters of the series Dixon has to work with them all. The problem and conflict in this story is the arresting officer of the previous investigation which also tackles in a light manner Police corruption. While it doesn’t go into it completely you do get a sense as the reader the different expectations of a system that is in place to try and protect itself to some sort of capacity.

Being a fan of History I also found it quite interesting the level of detail that Damien Boyd went into about it while keeping it part of the investigation was well done. Along with developing the characters in such a way that you found out more about the lesser characters in the series up and until this point.

Overall I gave Down Among the Dead 4/5 because I enjoyed the book but with the development of certain characters, I was sad to see how the book ended. That being said it was another story that is well worth the read and DI Nick Dixon is now getting close to my favourite book series in The Dresden Files

Interesting Quote

‘The trouble with our system is that it becomes about winning and losing,’ said Dixon, waiting in line. ‘What’s right gets lost in the games people play.’

Boyd, Damien. Down Among the Dead (DI Nick Dixon Crime) (p. 123). Kindle Edition.