Problems With Hosting May 2020 Solution

Problems With Hosting May 2020 Solution

Problems with my hosting has been an issue not having the ability to upload my website using FTP.

While the support did try and help me going through the same steps over and over again with people to try and get it working. In the end, I managed to fix the problem without the support by refreshing my security keys which made me update my local ones within my local client.

This seems to have fixed my problem and it wasn’t suggested by customer support. While I am still considering swapping my hosting package I am not going to name the company myself because up until lately I haven’t had any issues with them. While this has been a negative experience I have been with them for over 10 years now and this is the first time that it has been a truly negative experience.

So here is how to add new SSH keys if you have CPanel Hosting. You need to go to your CPanel and go to SSH Access in the Security section. Then move to manage SSH keys and then you can build new ones.

Hope this helps some of you that might be having some issues.