The 13th Witch Book Review

The 13th Witch Book Review

The 13th Witch sees Conrad Clarke come out of the Services and some illegal activities to be approached what seems to be a mythical being and it opens a whole world of Magik can you solve a mystery before the Ragnarok happens or will he ignore it?

The 13th Witch was a pick up on the recommendation of Kindle Unlimited and I thought why not having caught up with the DI Nick Dixon series. When I looked in the first page I must be honest it had me hooked with how wacky the opening line was. While I enjoyed the book and will go into the positives now the plot was well written and had a good build-up as Conrad struggled his way around a new world but for someone that had spent his life in the military I have to ask myself was he too opened minded to the possibilities to make this story believable.

That being said however I thought the premise of the book was good and enjoyed the pace of the story because while it was slow at times it allowed you time to consider the world Conrad was finding himself in. The creatures and beings lived up to more of your standard stereotypes compared to the Dresden Files Universe. However there was enough mystery and intrigued to have you turning the page.

Overall I gave The 13th Witch 3/5 on Goodreads because I enjoyed the story and definitely going to pick up more in The King’s Watch series. However well enjoyable I did find it slow in places along with difficult to get the background of the character until the end, which could of been a pay off but I felt that if I’d understood the character a bit better in the beginning then I might of enjoyed the story a little more.

Interesting Quote

Did you know that the gods can use mobile phones? No? Me neither.

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