Beyond the Point Book Review

Beyond the Point Book Review

Beyond the Point is the 9th book in the Di Nick Dixon series written by Damien Boyd where it continues from Dead Lock in the fact that a serial killer is still on the loose and in some instances taunting Nick can he catch them?

I will admit writing this review is a little difficult under lockdown even though we are all at home my time has been moved around and thrown me out of schedule so reading has taken a back seat and this book has taken me nearly a month to read as opposed to a week or thereabouts. This isn’t a reflection on the book or the story because I felt it was well written and a good plot.

Once again Damien Boyd does a good job of showing Police procedure and still making everything fast-paced and enjoyable. The story continues where Nick still hasn’t found his serial killer from the previous book, leading him down some interesting twists and turns. Being Nick even when he’s finally caught up with the killer, he has to finish the case as there were so many loose ends still unanswered and more people to bring to justice than first meets the eye.

The negatives for me in this book was the fact that you do need to have read at least Dead Lock to know what’s going on, even though Damien does go over some of the old material to catch you up this case is not a stand-alone like the others have been.

With that said as anyone that is a fan of the series or at least have been reading the series. We see Dixon go head to head with his colleagues and superiors, even risking his job in some ways with the limbs he goes out on to solve this case completely. The story also allows for the personal aspect of Nick’s life to come into play and show him going from this person that is all about the case to having a life away from the job that matters.

Overall I gave Beyond Point 4/5 on Goodreads it was an enjoyable read and I would like to go back and read it all again just to have the experience of not having quite a few gaps in my reading time to appreciate the flow of the investigation and the story more. The personal moments displayed are a lump in your throat sort of stuff as I try to write these reviews without spoilers it’s a little hard to go into detail without giving away a big spoiler.

Interesting Quote

Expect the worst at all times, then you are never disappointed and, sometimes, pleasantly surprised.

Boyd, Damien. Beyond the Point (DI Nick Dixon Crime) (p. 70). Kindle Edition.