Problems With Hosting May 2020

Problems With Hosting May 2020

Since switching to Hugo for my site generation bringing less demand on my provider it has shown some weaknesses on my shared hosting plan.

I am still amazed by Hugo it does exactly what I need it to and helps my hosting provider because all it is doing is serving the files. Whereas before I was using Wordpress and that puts a lot more demand on the server as its calling to a database and then generating the content. So you would have thought Hugo would be a better solution for my provider and if they were honest it would be but it has proved difficult.

Where I was using Wordpress I wasn’t using anything but HTTP traffic, now though using Hugo I need to use FTP to upload the files reliably but over the last few months my ability to connect to the FTP has been less than consistent. Of which, this problem with my plan could have been there for years without knowing because all my traffic has been HTTP.

While I know that we are in pandemic and things are difficult but after a two-hour wait finally getting hold of an agent which I have no problem with. However, when I got there they had me do quite a few steps and even took my IP address and still no resolution and have been passed on to the relevant team. That was 24 hours ago and they still haven’t updated the support ticket so I got in contact with them for an Online Chat and they couldn’t give me an ETA on when someone would be in contact.

While I get we are in a pandemic and I am willing to wait but it would be nice to know a timeline, while this is just a hobby and makes no money. They haven’t given me an alternative or a timeline which has left me wondering if I should consider new hosting maybe even get my own VPS. The reason I haven’t done this before because I don’t want to have to set up email addresses and other things like that with having the responsibility of keeping everything up to date myself however as this continues I might have to look into another provider even my own VPS. As the issue for me isn’t that there isn’t a problem its the fact they can’t give me a timescale or that they are even working on it.