World of Warships Thoughts

World of Warships Thoughts

World of Warships is one of the games that I don’t pretend to be good at but drop in on it from time to time. Ark needing a paid server and EVE Online frustrating the group of people I’ve been playing EVE with for years could this be the alternative?

While my move into Subnautica has been fun and something I need to go back to when building up friendships while gaming in a game like EVE Online its hard to go back into just playing single games, and when the group from EVE we decided to give War Thunder and World of Warships ago to fill that gap. This week it has been World of Warships I think partly because World of Warships gives you a daily goal, whereas War Thunder just gives you daily login rewards.

Since I last played World of Warships the game hasn’t changed a huge amount from what it seems however on doing a bit more research it has changed dramatically. The new Clan system means that its advantageous to be in a Clan for the bonuses it gives you. Along with the armoury that gives you access to stuff you would have previously had to purchase with Dablooms (real-world money). This is huge for me at least because I like the free to play idea, but also allow me to get access to premium ships with the advantages that gives you. With that, all said I won’t be begrudging War Gaming some money I just don’t feel that the price of the some of the premium ships is fair. When one ship is the price if not more than a AAA title.

That said though it’s been an enjoyable experience working towards a goal of completing certain tasks even if it does take me longer than most because I just can’t aim. This could be another game that gets content produced on it, my only negative to how the game has changed it one that you do seem to be at a huge disadvantage if your not part of a clan and two the changes to the Aircraft Carriers. As I used to enjoy the top-down more strategic view as opposed to the more active gameplay they are now.

World of Warships could be the replacement to EVE Online with the way the game has gone and the taste it has left in our mouths with all the nerfs and the way they have affected our long term goals. For World of Warships, my goal is to set up a Clan withe the free Dablooms I have acquired from just logging in and see how that side of the game works.