Subnautica Game Review

Subnautica Game Review

Subnautica was a random pick up after having some time playing Ark Survival Evolved I thought that it would cool to find another Open World Survival Game and this was my random pick up in a Steam Sale.

Subnautica is a first-person survival game, that takes place in the 22nd century when humanity begins to colonize other star systems. When the Aurora is shot down and crash lands in the ocean with multiple life pods are left scattered in the water. You are left to survive and try and get in contact with the rest of the crew if they are still alive and need to find a way off the island.

The gameplay itself is quite relaxed, with very little threats in the beginning but as you move further down into the depth it gets scarier and scarier and although the game officially isn’t a horror I would put it into that category personally. They developers have done an amazing job of what I would perceive going into the unknown in our oceans let alone an alien one.

The story is a well thought out plot but I have to admit although I have now got 38 hours in the game I haven’t been following the story, and feel a little lost at the moment. This isn’t a negative of the story its because although it does a linear story I have been too busy going around exploring and trying to build bases and different vehicles.

While not having a VR headset I can’t enjoy the game to its completeness but at times I am glad I haven’t at the same time because I’ve jumped out of my chair a couple of times without having the full surround experience. Subnautica is also a game that has made me want to start from scratch to follow the story better and enjoy that side of the game now I’ve built and explored in my first playthrough. It has also made me want to maybe start streaming again or recording Let’s Plays.

Overall Subnautica has been enjoyable and while I have yet to complete the game having put 38 hours into it I feel it is time to write the review, as I have experienced enough of the game but also just scratching the surface. This for me is what makes it an awesome game because it has a good plot but also allows people to go off and do other stuff not just follow the story.