Dead Lock Book Review

Dead Lock Book Review

Dead Lock is the 8th book in the series where two ten-year-old girls go missing and Jane is pulled in from a holiday with Dixon. Can she find them?

Dead Lock has to be one of my favourite books in the DI Nick Dixon series because it took into account many viewpoints. It was refreshing to start the view of Jane’s view and then switch between different common characters in the series. The flip to Jane also brought together what the Safeguarding of Children, which went into a great description of what the different police procedures.

The storyline and case are really interesting but there was also some good subplots. Which added so much more to the characters and added more complication to the case because of the extra challenges. That has left me looking forward, to seeing how this develops even further because I think more characters could be added to the series because of them.

The stand out character for me was Lucy she put the cat amongst the pigeons and added another dynamic to Jane’s life. Along with the case allowing for a look into Roger Poland’s life, instead of just seeing him as someone that does these post mortems and nothing else.

Overall I gave Dead Lock 5/5 on Goodreads. because it was nice to see an investigation from multiple views and also how the characters develop as they moved through the case. Along with the other challenges, this book showed the different procedures that police follow along with how friendships can be tested.

Interesting Quote

Two girls, no obvious similarities and no connection between them, snatched within twenty-four – forty-eight – 9 a.m. today . . . The maths eluded him. Another bite of chocolate was called for.

Boyd, Damien. Dead Lock (DI Nick Dixon Crime Book 8) (p. 95). Thomas & Mercer. Kindle Edition.