Heads or Tails Book Review

Heads or Tails Book Review

Heads or Tails is the 7th book in the DI Nick Dickson series where Nick finds a man that is mutilated and left to drown. Having had the chance to get to the victim alive before being pulled away because of conditions can Nick get to the bottom of the case?

Heads or Tails starts a little differently to most the books in the series so far after giving you the prologue where it takes you over one of the murders that are going to be relevant in the case or the main story. You find Dixon on a rather mundane case by his standards and that’s investigating poachers. It is here that he stumbles on a man that is stuck in a van and is unable to save him.

The story then finds him thrust into working as part of a bigger team as they form an MIT team which he is leading. Especially after they make links to an old case from a serial killer that was active in Manchester also forcing him to work with another force not just having to work as a team with people he doesn’t know. Which later throws up some interesting trust issues.

I felt this book did a good job of showing the softer side of Dixon and allowed for even more character development than Death Sentence. I am amazed by the way Damien has kept the stories case-based but also allowed for characters personal lives to factor in. Along with putting them in seemingly more danger every time.

Overall I gave Heads or Tails 4/5 on Goodreads but while writing this review I am wondering whether there were any negatives to the book and whether it did deserve the 5/5. It was well paced with some great action scenes along with some slower scenes allowing for character development. The books are now becoming less stand alone though and I would highly recommend you start with earlier books if you are thinking about picking up this series.

Interesting Quote

A fleam had been used to bleed the victims, the veins in the neck opened up with an unusual measure of precision. Then a trephine had been used to remove a piece of skull the size of a penny, right in the middle of the forehead. Cause of death was always the same: asphyxiation. The victims had been buried alive and suffocated before they bled to death.

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