Lockdown the Internet and You

Lockdown the Internet and You

Lockdown and your internet I have seen quite a few articles by leading news outlets: How to improve your internet speed while working from home. Since the recommendations of working from home if possible. While being a geek I’ve found something strange but not unexpected.

While in University I always found networking quite interesting as such, every so often I look at my network and see if there is anything I can do to improve it and the truth is short of running Ethernet cables around the house there isn’t much I can do to improve things. My previous solution was different WiFi measures to achieve what I wanted but after moving a room around and having a device slow down the WiFi network I thought it was time to invest in Homeplugs. In case you haven’t seen them they are plugs you plug in at your router and your device connect them with an ethernet cable to the respective device and it sends your network traffic through your existing electric wiring.

Having had to restart my router a couple of times while setting up these plugs my internet speed had dropped from 70+ meg to about 68 meg which I thought that’s fine it’ll rise back up after being stable. That was 3 weeks ago and after a stable connection my internet decided to disconnect I was expecting a faster speed but with the lockdown, I was on the fence, so every so often I check my router just to see how its doing and the truth was I was quite shocked. My line hadn’t recovered although it had been stable for two weeks it had gone down.

The first day noticed router stats

30th of March stats

Very next day

31st of March Stats

As you can see my stats are stable and slowly creeping down. Now, these aren’t the type of speeds that I am worried about, to be honest. There are more important things going on in the world but as I watch my speed go down bit by bit I am wondering whether my ISP is going to tell me it’s just down to congestion. The reason I say this is because while looking on their website to see if there was an issue anywhere as these are getting down to my guaranteed speeds now. They made it clear they were only taking calls from key workers which I am perfectly fine with. The problem I have is they couldn’t put on their website that we know speeds are going to get lower there won’t be a fault on your line its just capacity.

While I am technology-minded, and I don’t care about my speed as far as I am concerned my internet could go down to 30 meg well below my guaranteed speed is 50 meg because there are more important things at the moment. But I do believe just an email or text message may help the people that don’t understand the internet that may be just seeing there speed going down in the early hours of the morning and worry it could be their line.

So my advice to people that are seeing their connection is disconnecting in the small hours of the morning then don’t worry about the change. The problem will be the capacity at the exchange probably one in which can’t be solved at the moment in the pandemic. However, if your speed has got so low that you can’t get your work done or disconnecting through the day then you have a problem and you may need to connect your ISP. If its only doing minor adjustments to your sink speed and its just your through put then follow the guidelines on these new outlets to help you get the most out of your internal network. As it is normal your internal network that slows down your internet speed in the times where we have fibre.