Death Sentence Book Review

Death Sentence Book Review

Death Sentence sees D.I. Nick Dixon having to deal with not having Jane on the team at all anymore as she transferred along with trying to solve a case with no eyewitnesses can he do it?

The body of an elderly man is found in an old World War Two pillbox beside a canal. This has Nick go down some strange routes in order to get to the bottom of the case as there are no eyewitnesses he has to use the victims past to try and find a clue.

The negatives of Death Sentence is the same as other books in the series you don’t really get to see the murder until the very end, which finds but when you are piecing the case together as the story goes along it is starting to get annoying because you know your not getting it right if the story is like any of the previous ones.

That said though Death Sentence got it right, it really gave the reader an insight into procedures and Police systems because there were no key witnesses. Along with dealing with the changes Dixon and Jane has had to make because of their relationship being out in the open now, it also bought in dealing with Jane’s past from Dead Level. This does a good job to make Dixon more human because he isn’t all about the case anymore even though that is his main focus still. Along with the fact you can tell that for the case Damien has done a lot of research into subjects that came up in the case, which added to the immersion of the story.

Overall I gave Death Sentence 4/5 as always it was an enjoyable read, and possibly one of the best in the series so far. Part of the reason for this is because Damien is making Dixon more human. The focus has changed for him, as he now has Jane to worry about and she seems to have him to worry about. Which allows him to be able to explore the ways in which being on the force can affect your personal life.

Interesting Quote

“The two sides and then the truth, which is usually somewhere in the middle”