The Hunt Movie Review

The Hunt Movie Review

The Hunt is a mix between The Hunger Games, The Purge and Kill Bill. Can it live up to these iconic movies?

The Hunt follows 12 strangers who mysteriously wake up in a clearing they don’t know where they are or who each other is. Some dare to open a crate and other don’t where they find weapons and then get fired upon.

The Hunt for me was just another survival movie however I missed the political undertones in the movie after doing more research into the movie while writing this review I could see how it reflects the American political system. With that said it could also be transferred over to society in general but it was more tailored towards the American system with reference to their gun laws and other topics of hot debate between the Demacrats and the Republicans.

That said moving away from the political side of the movie it was an enjoyable movie, was surprised as a thriller it didn’t have many jump scares, in it but right from the get-go, the movie didn’t seem as bleak as The Hunger Games, The Purge or Killbill because it added an interesting comedy aspect to the movie. The character development was good but only really good for the main characters it felt like some of the characters died to early and meant that you didn’t really want to get too attached to any of the suriving ones just incase.

Overall I would give The Hunt 6/10 as I enjoyed the movie as a light-hearted action movie but didn’t really care for the political message. With some good character development and twists but can’t help but feel it isn’t really a must-see or even a DVD pick up. That said if you find it on your on-demand services or TV it might be worth checking out.