Joker Movie Review

Joker Movie Review

Joker is the first in many planned villain backstories so the audience if they haven’t read the comics, can find out more about the beloved characters that tend to have their backstories ignored. Can DC take their most famous villain and make this a stand-alone success?

Joker for me was one of the movies that I wanted to watch in the cinema but at the time the controversy surrounding Gary Glitter and the soundtrack made the friends that I normally go with decide they didn’t want to go and see it. That said now that it has come to light that Gary Glitter won’t be making any money from the movie I decided to rent it on Amazon Prime and rectify the fact I hadn’t seen it.

Joker wasn’t what I expected after years of watching him in the Batman movies and Gotham. It felt a little strange because there was quite an age difference between him and Bruce Wayne. Batman and Joker movies tend to have quite a lot of action and especially when the Joker gets brought into these movies.

With the negative out of the way, this was a huge insight into the way the Joker is actually like he is. Arthur is a person that is trying his best to survive in Gotham with mental illness and looking after his mother. Getting beaten up at work, along with his mother keeping a big secret. While finding out the truth Arthur doesn’t know how to deal with it and it pushes his mental stability even further away along with his lack of ability to get his much-needed medication.

Joaquin Phoenix makes this version of the Joker his own. He just seems to captivate and carry the whole movie as he needed to as he was the voice over as well. Robert De Niro made Murray Franklin his own as well, for the small amount of screen time he had in the movie De Niro made an impact every time he was on screen he didn’t look out of place and made Murray into a larger than life character in what was a relatively dark movie.

Overall I would give Joker 8/10 I can see why people are raving about the movie. If your looking for the action and explosions that come with the Joker typically you will be disappointed however if you’re looking for why the Joker ends up like he does you will not be disappointed. Phoenix brings Joker to the level that Heath Ledger did in the Dark Knight. There are some rumours that this will not be it for the Joker as in DC and Warner Brothers might put together another but at the same time I am looking forward to seeing which villain they do next.