The Last Thing He Wanted Movie Review

The Last Thing He Wanted Movie Review

The Last Thing He Wanted sees Elena McMahon played by Anne Hathaway an investigative journalist that ends up becoming an arms smuggler in the story she’s investigating. Can she survive in this world?

The Last Thing He Wanted is a Netflix Orginal and at least in the UK and for me its a good job because I found this story hard to follow. Whether it was because I was watching when I was tired I am not sure but when I saw the cast and the synopses I had high hopes for this movie.

The problem with the movie is, that it seemed to bounce from problem to problem with Anne Hathaway giving her voice over being the lead character. This isn’t a reflection on her because her performance for me was well done, in every scene she was in she fitted it nicely. I just found the twist and turns hard to follow and overdramatic in places which weren’t Anne’s fault it was more the writing.

The positives for me was the cast while I didn’t like the twist and turns. I felt that the cast did a great job with the material they were given. It is good to see Ben Affleck back in movies after leaving Batman behind, while you do not see a lot of him when you do it feels like he nailed the character well.

Overall I would give The Last Thing He Wanted a 5/10 I did enjoy the movie but at times felt like I didn’t need to finish this movie. I just couldn’t connect with it however I can see that people that enjoy the twist and turns along with movies that you have to concentrate for would enjoy this one. I am likely to pick up the book it is based on at some point just to see whether it was the orginal story or just the adaptation wasn’t right.