1st Fracture First Moon Result

1st Fracture First Moon Result

This week was the first week to get the results on the moon and we got lucky with a bonus belt. Does it ease my concerns about the changes that CCP has proposed?

The honest answer is no, while we got lucky with the moon we got and we managed to mine it all ourselves. As this is a real risk because we are in High Sec that others can mine the moon without real contest. We mined just under 1.1 billion of ore. The problem with this the majority came from standard ores, not the moon goo. With that said though it’s not an amount of that is to be sniffed at because it paid for the initial investment for the structure.

So going forward the moon is profit? Yes, the honest answer is yes, that said I still need to get another 100 mil to pay for the drill and then about 40 mil roughly a month for the fuel. It could even be more I need to sit down and work out the fuel cost. As it stands though from what I can see moons do pay for themselves in their current state. I am glad that I set the moon up before the change because it has allowed me to pay for the structure before they start to become less profitable. This could also be to do with the speculation that is going on in the market as Trit is up at 7isk per.

Next week will be the final fracture before the change, and I will make sure to work out the value of just the moon goo ore before the change. This will give me an idea of what the return will be after the change, that said even the composite of that ore will be changed as well so that will give me a comparison when that changes.

Overall in their current state for 2 weeks of fracture, it allowed me to pay for the outlay. This was a positive even though I am more in the hole because one of my Hulks got ganked and I lost it. This annoyed me a little as it only took 3 catalysts but it is what it is and from now on in I am using a Skiff with my Orca.