Eve Mineral Shortage Concerns

Eve Mineral Shortage Concerns

After writing my article about how I was doubling down on my industry to see how the changes CCP are implementing is going to affect the industry side of the game. Has left me very concerned.

After anchoring my first Anthnor in High Sec. and putting it on for its first cycle with the drilling platform it quickly came to my attention that if they remove the normal ores like they say they are going to the moon goo alone will not sustain these High Sec. structures.

The Screenshot above shows you the value of the moon that I am currently drilling and while the numbers are going to be wrong because the estimated value is always out if I use the estimated value for the fuel to me that’s a fair comparison. Looking at the fuel cost v the amount of isk I am going to make off the moon goo, alone it just won’t cover it.

I put about 80mil isk of fuel into the structure and if the estimates are right if CCP removes the normal ores from this structure I’ll make 51mil for the 80mil fuel. Yes, I know that they have announced they are doing it in stages and Yes I accept we need to have fewer minerals flowing around the economy but at the same time this seems to be the extreme. Along with me simulating the effect that it will have on the small guy and the large being part of TEST as well as doing my own thing. TEST are already putting plans in motion to deal with these changes, if I was a small guy which is what my personal structure is simulating I would be like this isn’t worth it for me. While they say they are going to rebalance the moons in Phase 2 but its whether the small guy can withstand the time of adjustment.

CCP the phases that are outlined:

During the next release, a significant change in how minerals are distributed on moons is planned. You should expect the following changes:

  • Complete removal of all basic ore types from all moons
  • Adjustments on ore volume extracted per day, per moon
  • Adjustments on moon ore type yields of basic minerals

I think CCP should have moved through the moons systematically instead of saying right we are going to remove everything for everyone. Especially if some one like me can see that the changes proposed is going to hurt the small guy and be a minor inconveience to the big guys. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want people making billions in High Sec. I do think there needs to be risk and reward but some times you have to ask yourself who is CCP helping? The big guys always benefit and that seems to be the problem with the game in some respects there is very little that encourages small to medium gang style stuff because the only way you can with stand changes like this is to be part of the big blocs in my opinion.

CCP Full Dev Blog about the changes.