Swansong Book Review

Swansong Book Review

Swansong finds Nick going undercover as he is drafted onto a case that isn’t going anywhere because of his prior experience in the world of private education only to find out that he might have an even closer connection to the case than he thought.

Swansong sees Nick coming back off holiday to find out he is desperately needed as the Sommerset and Avon force currently has a murder victim Isobel Swan and have no leads. The case is putting pressure on the force because its a private boarding school as such the school is putting pressure on them to solve the murder case so the school can go back to normal. However when he’s brought in and sees the photo of the victim and the way she was murdered he tunes out and goes over a deep and dark secret to why he ended up becoming a detective in the first place.

As always with all the books in the Di Nick Dixon series Swansong is fast paces and has some very interesting twists, but the problem I have with this story although the pressure is obviously on the force to solve this murder, you don’t get the feeling that school is putting the pressure on. Dixon doesn’t seem to be hassled by the headmaster that much and the main pressure point for Dixon is that he doesn’t want his superiors finding out he has a personal connection to the case. The other negative for me is, that it’s becoming easier to guess who the killer might be in these books because its the ones that you learn the least about.

All that said I enjoyed this instalment of the series because it went into more detail about Nick’s past and what has brought him to this point. The part that also intrigued me just how the relationship between Nick and Jane is and how they react to the pressures of Dixon’s past.

Overall I gave Swansong 4/5 it was really enjoyable, and look forward to reading further into the series just to see what happens next for Jane and Nick especially after what they have to deal with this instalment. With the character development getting better and better every book.