Eve Mineral Shortage and Doubling Down

Eve Mineral Shortage and Doubling Down

Eve is going through a time of change. Right now you will see that Eve is in the news for all the wrong reasons being under a sustained DDOS attack but with that out the way, CCP has announced and implemented some big changes to the way minerals are distribution.

While the impact is unknown so far and rightly or wrongly the Eve Community is stressing over some red dots that CCP has added for when you move items into your hangar. While I can see the annoyance, to me the great issue is what CCP is doing for the minerals. Their changes could be good for certain people but to me right now the changes hurt Null Sec. where players have spent long hours and a lot of ISK into creating empires. Being part of TEST full disclosure I am amongst the people that will be greatly affected by these changes but can also see how it could benefit High Sec. Mining.

The benefit to High Sec. with the changes that are being made or are being proposed would increase the value of High Sec. ores as some of the minerals would be limited to them. The concern for me though is the proposed rebalancing of the moons and way they are going to remove normal ores from the moons. This means that the moons that were made available in High Sec. might not be worth anything anymore because the fuel cost alone for the structure to pop the moon will be higher than the materials that come out of it.

So here is my background, I am a player that enjoys industry and also likes PVP but when it comes to defending my home. I am not the type of person that likes to go knock down someone’s Castle just because we can. Part of me wishes there was a tier system to EVE that way it would give people a chance to take fair fights. But just like real life that doesn’t happen which is also fine in someways. So what has happened to me through Blackout and beyond? I’ve sold my Rorquals and gone down to one account instead of two where I am operating one character in High Sec. and one still in TEST.

My High Sec. ventures have been the most intriguing to me perhaps because its free from the structure of TEST, and as CCP said they are going to rebalance the moons I have double-downed my industry by putting up an Anthnor to see what the changes will bring. Although there hasn’t been any thought into which moon I have just picked a spare one to see how the changes affect the moon I’ve picked.

So watch this space, I am not expecting to break-even but it will be interesting to see what happens when the markets shift with the changes to the ore and minerals even if I disagree with them and feel like CCP have made my long term goals into a non-starter. As I no longer feel comfortable planning for say 6 to 12 months down the line like I used to because I just don’t know what is going to happen next. For some that will be great but for me, I have to say it’s slowly pushing me out of the game because part of my enjoyment of playing EVE was that you had to plan for the future have a big goal in mind to succeed by specialising.