Birds of Prey Movie Review

Birds of Prey Movie Review

Birds of Prey sees the return of Harley Quinn to DC Films where she’s broken up from the Joker and finds without his protection she has a target on her back, asking herself how she is going to survive without the Joker with people out to kill her. Especially when she gets mixed up in a theft without knowing it.

Birds of Prey sees the return of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and comes out as a lead role like in Suicide Squad however Birds of Prey tells the story from Harley Quinn’s perspective and while others could find it entertaining I struggled to keep up with the back and forth they used tell the story. I would have to give this method it’s props because it showed you an insight into the insane mind of Harley Quinn but also made the story jarring because all of a sudden she will go back in time to give you more of the back story. Ewan McGregor’s Roman Sionis was also a let down for the main antagonist of the movie because he makes a lot of threats and is shown doing gruesome and horrible things to people however for some reason he was missing the menace I would have liked from him.

With all those shortfalls in mind though Margot Robbie shows once again that she was the right pick for Harley Quinn seemingly growing into the role as the movies go on. While Birds of Prey was dark it seemed to have more comedy in it then Suicide Squad that was a welcome change to the DC universe, it seemed to be following more of a Deadpool dark humour route that had a positive effect, with subtle things making some of the bleakest scenes have you laughing.

The cinematics was well put together, I wouldn’t say that they were outstanding but the use of violence and explosions seemed right for the movie and wasn’t overused as they can be. The one negative was the use of props in the final fight scene where people got knocked out from the smallest of contacts.

Birds of Prey overall I would give a 5/10 I enjoyed it and I think its a movie worth seeing but it all depends on how you like your movies told. If you like being inside the mind of an insane woman with the story jumping around as she remembers things the movie is for you. There was nothing in the movie for me not to recommend it as it was an enjoyable experience with a few instances that made you wonder but all in all its an interesting take and I do look forward to seeing more of Harley Quinn, seeing her story develop allowing her to be a lead character as opposed to a sidekick.

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