Why I Use Goodreads?

Why I Use Goodreads?

Goodreads is the last social media I signed up to last year and while I’ve been moving away from social media for the most part even deleting some accounts Goodreads is here to stay.

The reason Goodreads survives my purge of social media is that I track the books I have read. Along with having a book club without having one. That seems weird to say but I rate books I don’t review them, I watch out for Goodread suggestion but I don’t read the reviews until after I’ve read the book.

The reason that I don’t read the reviews until after the book is that even though most will warn you about spoilers sometimes even without realising the review can contain something that someone else would consider a spoiler. Which is something that I struggle with when writing my reviews for this blog. However, what I enjoy about reading the reviews on good reads is they aren’t written professionally for the most part and they generally include a different view than I have or noticed something that I have missed.

The other part of Goodreads is the yearly challenge while I only set it to twelve books a year and next year I am considering increasing it. The reason for this feature is important to me is I am a person that likes to hit goals and while over the last two years my reading has increased and my goals haven’t. I like to keep it achievable so I don’t burn out with reading because there is so much that I could enjoy reading but if I put too much pressure on myself to read I won’t enjoy it when I really should be.

So there you have it, that’s why I use Goodreads to get other people’s insight on books along with using Amazon and Goodread recommended to find books that I would like that I just don’t know about.