Why Switch to Credge?

Why Switch to Credge?

One of the biggest surprises in the tech industry is my opinion is the decision by Microsoft to look into using the Chromium engine for their new version of its web browser Edge. While making quite good sense it was a shock while being an open-source project your fundamentally using the competition’s software as Chromium is funded by Google. So here is why it happened and whether you should switch to Edge Chromium (Credge) or not?

Edge Chromium in some circles has been nicknamed Credge purely so people knew what version of the Edge browser you’re talking about as while in development Mircosoft realised Carny, Dev and eventually Beta channels just like is the structure of Google’s Chrome and Chromium. So while this was all going it meant in Windows 10 Edge was still a thing and although the Stable version of Credge was realised in January Edge with Microsoft’s engine is still the default browser in Windows 10 although rumour has it Credge will eventually be released as part of a Windows Update to replace Edge. I have downloaded the stable version of Credge and have found it to remove overwrite the default Edge but as I didn’t see anything about it uninstalling it I would assume that it’s still on my system somewhere as some Microsoft Apps rely on the engine in that browser to work.

That said why has Mircosoft made this move? While the honest answer, in my opinion, is they took to long to react to the growing technology demands with Internet Explorer and when they hit the market with Edge that had been a huge upgrade on Internet Explorer it was too late, Chrome had already taken over the market. Which meant that Edge never really took off even though it had adhered to more web standards than Chrome and was in some cases more secure than Chrome developers just didn’t want to develop for it because of how far behind it was and also Mircosoft had made the mistake of only releasing Edge for Windows 10. Which most people because of the stability and lack of privacy concerns had stayed with Windows 7, while this made sense to some degree as Mircosoft had given free upgrades for Windows 7 and 8 to Windows 10 it did narrow down their potential users compared to Chrome which still supports Windows 7,8,10 as of writing this article.

Credge now means Microsoft can add more features and not have to worry as much about developing the engine which could also help the Chromium Project and will be interesting to see if the developments in Credge get put into Google Chrome. Now here is the answer to the article I will be switching to Credge because from the outset they have gone a different route to Google with Chrome they were talking about removing the ability to use Adblobkers whereas Credge has tracking protection built-in like Firefox.

Now I know that Mircosoft is no saints and are collecting your data and giving all your information to one company is bad. However, the fact that Microsoft seems to help towards your privacy as opposed to Google going the opposite way I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to give Credge a try because it has the cross-platform ability now and also can use Google Extensions as well as its own. So that’s the main reason why I am swapping to Credge as I’ve spent the last 3 months in Firefox and haven’t missed Chrome so I am going to see where Credge takes me, just hoping they add the pop-out function for video that Firefox has and then I think I’d be a completely happy Credge user. If you’re not using Google Chrome but another Chromium-based more security-focused then this move might not be for you. As while some features have come from Edge into Credge like the reading feature it might not be enough for you to switch.