Ark Survival Evolved Day 6: Automated Ark Mod

Ark Survival Evolved Day 6: Automated Ark Mod

After writing my Ark Revisited I thought I would document some of my exploits on my Ark Server as I went along and discuss some of the mods we are using if they stand out and Automated Ark does.

While running Ark on my PC that already struggles I am apprehensive about adding Mods to the game because that seems to be the time that my PC could fail to load the game. That said one of the people that I am playing the game with really wanted this Mod so I loaded it up and we started to use it. While the clue is in the title it is supposed to automate things I had very little understanding of the Mod and was going on how other people were interacting with it. However today in Ark I decided to go it alone and build my own setup, just to test the mod. Not that I am going to move out a joint base but because I was warned that if I got it wrong everything we set up would be in a right mess. Me being me and confident in my ability to work it out I started by using the control panel in our joint base because we had everything bar the control panel working. That was a mistake because what I was warned about came true even with how I thought it needed to be set up, that said it was lucky I was the only one on so I restarted the server and loaded from a previous save so no one was any of the wiser. After the third time of trying, I decided to go it alone.

I decided I would start my new Pickup Base where we started in the beginning and use up some of the materials we had left behind, along with the fact that it was an area that I felt comfortable in and knew my way around where our current joint base is I still don’t really have my bearing. I started off by putting together a stone structure as I was quite close to rocks and it would be temporary. Although I hadn’t counted on the range of the control panel when I turned it on and got a lot of another users stuff. Which they had set up a base upon a ledge that seemed out of range lucky only had one box worth of their stuff and it was their trash box, so it gave me the chance to use the Trash Can with the mod.

So what did I learn? The best thing to do even if you think you’ve sorted out your lists where everything goes. Exclude all structures and collecting from Dinos before putting on Auto Sort. From there turn on each structure as you want them that was the mistake I made. I ended up allowing all the storage I put down, along with the vacuum, freezer and bin. As it started to pull in I took one item of everything and took it to the structure I wanted it in and then added it to the list. The only other one was the grinder.

If I continue to use this base as just a sorting office for want of a better word I will probably set it up so that it only takes items from the vacuum and dinos because of it is only temporary storage. Do I feel confident in adding it to our main base probably not but for the time being it will help me go farm materials and make sure perishables get to a freezer. However, I can see why this Mod is so game-changing and wanted.