Ark Survival Evolved Revisited 2020

Ark Survival Evolved Revisited 2020

Ark Survival Evolved is one of these games that I picked up because a group of friends were playing it. I have to say I enjoyed playing but then it dropped off, as it has gone through development it turns out my PC no longer meets the minimum specs for the processor so will I still be able to play it and how is it now?

The answer to that question is yes, although I am one generation down from being able to play Ark I still can as long as I am playing on a non-local game and that’s ok with me because I want to be playing with others anyway. I have also added a few mods as per request other players on my server and the one that stands out from me apart from the S+ is the eternal mod. On the outset, I thought it was going to make the game harder because there were dinosaurs with special abilities that make them more dangerous but there are tools to help with that which makes taming the stock dinosaurs easier and if you get the opportunity to take get a poison dinosaur, especially a flyer, take it. It’s a game-changer.

Eternal Alpha Pterandon

Last time I properly played Ark was when Ragnarok had just come out and to be honest, I found this map less than finished which kind of put me off because the cost of the DLC I would expect a higher quality map so this time around I loaded on the server Extinction and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised the quality of the map seemed to be far better than my experience on Ragnarok.

So I guess the question is will I still be playing Ark when my server goes down in about 20 days. Probably not I will have satisfied that itch to play it again even though new maps are coming soon. I think its one of these games for me at least that you come in and out of especially the way I play it because I don’t play PVP all my servers are PVE only. Which seems a bit weird as I play EVE Online which is in constant risk of PVP, but I just don’t like the idea of going around destroying other people’s bases and dino’s that they have worked so hard to put together. To me, the maps, for the most part, are hostile enough without someone griefing you. That said Ark is a game that I would recommend having around as a game to drop in and out of.