A Month Using a Static Site Generator

A Month Using a Static Site Generator

It’s coming up to a month now in the development of my Hugo site in I feel its time to consider my workflow or whether it improved my productivity and my experience for my site.

I will try and my best I can to highlight the positives and negatives because I have a feeling the negatives are going to outweigh the positives which is a little frustrating. The main negative for me and the content that I produce is that I can’t get people’s feedback, because I don’t have comments. While I could add a third-party system like Disques to the enable me to do that I just don’t want to be dealing with the regulation on Data Protection anymore so even with a Wordpress I wouldn’t want the comments so I guess it’s not a negative.

The other hurdle I am facing is scheduling posts I do miss that because I used to write multiple posts a time or on different days if I was going to be busy. To keep a schedule I would then set the date I wanted the post to go live and while this is a dated system. It could be done but the problem then becomes certain static files would need to be changed and your unable to do that on the fly.

Now for the positives, I feel more secure. Not only because it is now they are files that can’t be tampered with or have an injection attack that comes with PHP and MySQL. The other reason for feeling more secure in my current set up I run the generator in a virtual machine running Linux Mint and then use dropbox to sync the files back to my Windows machine so that I can work with them in Windows and upload to my server. Meaning that I have a back up of working files on Dropbox not just my local files and public ones on my website.

Server-side advantages is that my hosting has gone from using over 600 megs of space to now using less 200 meg of space while I admit the amount of content isn’t as high as it was but, I can already tell that even if my site now gets to the size of my Wordpress site it will not be the size WordPress made it. As for producing content, I am now writing it in Visual Studio Code which has helped me to focus on what I am writing along with teaching myself Markdown, then copying the content over to Grammarly to make sure there aren’t any glaring mistakes in what I am writing. After that I pop back into Linux hit to preview the site locally using the command:hugo server -D checking that the links and images I could have used in the article work before generating the site using hugo from there on as long as my hosting provider is behaving I pop into Filezilla in windows and just upload the contents to the public folder to my public folder on my webserver.

Overall I would say this has been a positive experience with my workflow getting a little bit more complicated yet more efficient at the same time. I know that seems a little strange to say because I’ve added more steps and made the process more complicated however it feels every time I sit down to write I am achieving something and being more productive. The only thing I miss is the ability to schedule posts and to know that I could have the odd comment that I was missing out on but if I wanted comments I could work around it.

Here is the article why I made the move in the first place