Bad Boys for Life Movie Review

Bad Boys for Life Movie Review

Bad Boys for Life is the sequel to Bad Boys II which had some interesting development issues. They were going to have the return of Michael Bay but due to budget constraints, it would make it difficult but does this hamper the movie?

Bad Boys for Life is set 17 years after the last movie and after seeing the birth of his grandson Marcus tells Mike his partner he wants to retire. Such as Mike’s attitude to this Mike throws a huge party and gets shot and here is where the story begins because on recovery Mike wants to work his own attempted murder case and although Marcus has made a promise to God not to be violent anymore and have tried to walk away from that life Mike brings him back in.

I felt that the story well simple was really well done with some interesting twist and turns. Will Smith was the stand out actor in Bad Boys for Life which wasn’t to be unexpected however Martin Lawrence didn’t quite live up to his role for some reason. I can’t quite put my finger on it but there was something that wasn’t quite right at times I had a hard time understanding him.

The action scenes, however, were well put together and the shift in character development was quite interesting and better than I thought it was going to be.

Overall I would give Bad Boys for Life 7/10 because for me it wasn’t a must-see movie but at the same time, it was an enjoyable experience. It’s always good to see Will Smith in more of a comedy role than some of the other serious roles you see him.

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