Kickback Book Review

Kickback Book Review

Kickback by Damien Boyd sees Di Nick Dixon of Somerset and Avon Police force was thrown into another murder investigation before he has completely got over the last with an interesting twist the case this time. With a victim that could have multiple reasons why someone would want to kill him.

Kickback follows straight on from Head in the Sand because the story begins with Nick still in the hospital only to self-discharge because has had enough of being in hospital. Where he goes to his local Indian restaurant and gets involved in a disturbance bad shoulder all. It seems to be a family disagreement in which Nick manages to calm it down or so he thought. Later he is called at 3 am to a house where the person in question is asking just for him and he has hostages at gunpoint. The reason for this is the person in question wants his brother’s death to investigated instead of being considered an accident.

The case and story itself is quite interesting and brings together some of the dark sides to crime, not just murder, prostitution and organised crime to race-fixing. The case just doesn’t stop putting Nick back to square one and coming up with new problems to why the victim was murdered and the question was who made it look like an accident. You come across some influential people and what is quite funny is that through the story it also touches on possible police corruption.

As with all the Di Nick Dixon series I don’t have a favourite character to go back to and make them the stand out in the book because it just seems that they gell well together for the most part although it might be interesting to see more of Louise to see whether she can gain permanent team status.

Overall I gave Kickback a 3/5 on good reads not that it was better or worse than the previous instalments, actually, after writing this review it probably deserves better because of the way the investigation unfolded but for some reason this instalment I could happily put down and pick back up whether there was a lot of turns and some interesting twists they seemed to be over quite quickly so there wasn’t the suspense.