[AAR] PZMA-E 16-01-2020 Goon Cap Roam

[AAR] PZMA-E 16-01-2020 Goon Cap Roam

Goons were roaming Impass with a selection of Capital Roam in a world where they say that you can’t kill Capitals well enough and not enough of them are dying.

This fight was interesting to me because I think TEST got the call from Legacy that Goons were roaming around Impass with Capitals because as we were going through our network to get to the Goons someone said “o7 Test coming to clean up our mess” so whether Legacy had tried to deal with it and failed I don’t know. That being said we had formed just our Muninin Doctrine because it was out of our umbrella systems. As we got there we methodically killed their fighters and was concentrating on defanging the Goons carrier their carriers and every so often swapping to sub-caps that was on the field. Dealing with the biggest threats to our fleet first, I must admit I was in the mighty Crucifer again but this time I’d picked it because of fighters the need to disrupt them was important and felt it would be a better help to the fleet than flying main-line.

After about a quarter of an hour, we did eventually add the dread bomb into the mix, we being TEST and this was mainly because we had a schedule OP and needed to get to that. However, the way we used the Munin’s and the fleet comp kind of told me all I needed to know and it agreed with my view on Capital Warfare. Yes they are an I win button in a certain situation but in others, they aren’t. When Goons were there for a fight and didn’t have back up of a proper sub-cap fleet or their sub-cap fleet the Muninins were holding their own. Yes, it would have taken a lot of ammo but we could have won the fight without our capitals in my opinion. It would have been a longer fleet and maybe more painful for those carrier pilots but all in all this fight just showed me that people that complain about capital power just want the instant kill they don’t want to be there for an hour taking apart a capital fleet. Which I do get but at the same time when you consider the cost of the Goon fleet v our fleet per number of ships, in my opinion, it should take longer.

The final tally of lost ships for both sides was 17 Carries 19 Dreads and 7 Faux. And this was a fun roam capitals do die and the fight was so chilled for the sub-caps even before our Dreads jumped in.

Thanks again Goons for the fight it was great fun. Battle Report (I haven’t sorted out the sides properly)