[AAR] 37S-KO Keepstar Final Timer 20-01-20

[AAR] 37S-KO Keepstar Final Timer 20-01-20

Off the back of the winter war TEST deploys to Stain just before deploying to the North to go after Sort Dragon and then continues a campaign on both fronts.

That’s the back story of the Keepstar fight last night or early hours of today depending on how you look at it. This After Action Report (AAR) is going to conclude the facts but it is also going to have my opinion as a mirror F1 monkey at TEST. Normally I am not for kicking puppies which is how I see the people that live in Stain in the game and I don’t mean that negatively it’s just they don’t have the pilots or the resources that TEST have. The reason I felt it was ok in more moral compass was because groups within in Stain were trying to entosis Eosteria (Eso) and if they weren’t trying to be annoying and just wanted contact all they had to do was do raid fleets into Eso and tackled our Rorquals or make a nuisance of themselves instead of trying to take our space.

With the morale side of the fight over with, I broke the rule really and picked up a Crucifer and flew support ship instead of Logistics or main-line even if I could because it was late for me and I wanted to be in something disposable. That said though it was awesome to fly something with very little responsibility. We moved from staging to our forward staging and got bridged into the system and then as part of the tackle squad in which we set up on the 40GX-P and snagged a few Thrashers as our Titans and Supers set themselves up for the Keepstar bash. It all went well until Goons came through the gate and we were told not to engage as they were friends only for them to engage us. After that happened we warped off to our Fortizer in system as tackle and just there where we warped down to our Super fleet to clear wrecks and fighters to warp back up to Fortizer and sit there until the Keepstar was down to 18% where we got warped down to 0 on the Keepstar to whore on it, where I lost my ship but I did get on the kill mail from some miracle as I also got podded.

For the good of the game

That’s the catchphrase of the moment that people that have been throwing around for almost a year admittedly people with more knowledge of the game but to me, this Keepstar fight shows the game is balanced. The reason I say this is because Keepstars are the biggest structures in the game and the only way to take them down is to use Titans and Supers along with really blinged out Faux. All the ships were facing off with similar-sized ships, while I know that this a rare occasion in New Eden and I understand what people are saying these big umbrellas have too much power but seeing this fight just proved to me the balance is right in proper PVP. Not ganking PVEers.

Overall even though it was late for me and I was a bit frustrated about the orders not to shoot Goons even though they shot at us I enjoyed the experience seeing every sized fleet used to achieve an objective. While I would have been annoyed had I not got the kill mail I could see how it’s needed in the game because as EVE players we need long turn goals and we need these huge ships that can defend themselves or need a huge amount of players to be able to kill it, because they are big investments in both time and isk if your not skill injecting.