Golden Braids and Dragon Blades Steampunk Rapunzel Book Review

Golden Braids and Dragon Blades Steampunk Rapunzel Book Review

Golden Braids and Dargon Blades is the fourth book in the Fairy Tales Series by Melanie Karsak. It is a steampunk adaptation of the fairy tale Rapunzel and with a good tie into the entire universe created by Melanie Karsak.

Golden Braids starts with a prologue and I found that is quite difficult to read, to be honest, and started to put me off the book. However, as soon as I got through the prologue the situation changed. Rapunzel is in a cave in Cornwall and under the protection of Gothel, she is living in Merlin’s cave with dragons. The interesting part of this adaption is bringing in the story of Author and the roundtable.

The standout character is Rapunzel in this story there is no getting away from it her character development is really well-paced and she goes from this person that is scared of her own shadow type to this definite person that will stand up to anyone for anyone that can’t defend themselves. Seeing this transition and why was amazing and with the tie ins to the other books that Melanie has written was a pleasure.

The story is well-paced and the only regret that I have is that I read the books by Melanie in the order that I did because I was left wondering the details of the stories in the Red Riding Hood Series because Rapunzel did appear in one.

Overall I gave Golden Braids and Dragon Blades 3/5 it was another enjoyable story left in such a way that there could be more stories in the Rapunzel arc in the future but also be a good end to the story as well.