Beauty and the Beastly Book Review

Beauty and the Beastly Book Review

Beauty and the Beastly by Melanie Karask is the third book in the Fairy Tale Series its a steampunk take on Beauty and the Beastly where you see the return of Isabelle Hawkings from Ice and Embers.

The story is set just before the end of Ice and Embers because it shares a scene from within Ice and Embers where you see the scene from Isabelle’s viewpoint, not Elyse’s which was a nice touch. As this series seems to be more individual stories not really a series of stories just a series in the fact the stories are retellings of classic fairy tales.

Isabelle and her Papa are on their way to a wedding where they have made some of the gifts for the event. They have been invited and are travelling by sea because of Master Hawkings fear of flying in airships after the death of her mother and when the weather takes a turn for the worst she finds herself shipwrecked on what looks to be a deserted island until she finds a castle where her father is being held.

While the story does follow the path of the original (the original for me being the Walt Disney animation) to a degree Melanie shows the Beast (Rhys) in a completely different way. Whether it is a sign of the times or whether it was just a different view, you could feel the danger and control that Isabelle was feeling but the Beast didn’t seem so abrupt as the Disney version and again the Authors notes came in hand at the end as it was something that was intended. With this in mind though the standout character for me wasn’t the main character like the previous books in the series it was Rhys the beast. The way he developed while showing a less menacing side truly was amazing.

Overall I gave Beauty and the Beastly a 3/5 on Goodreads but on reflection writing this review I feel it could have been a 4/5. The reason I say that was because I did know this tale so well I was expecting something a little different and that could have led to a lower score. When reflecting on it and releasing that it was intended to be different in how the story moved I didn’t feel it deserve only a 3.