Ice and Embers Book Review

Ice and Embers Book Review

Ice and Embers is the second book in the Steampunk Fairy Tales Book series by Melanie Karsk and must admit I did feel a bit disappointed when I started to read the book and find out that it didn’t carry on with Alice and was a completely new fairy tale.

Ice and Ember also felt completely different from the other books I’ve read from Melanie Karsk as well because although it was set in the time period it didn’t many airships and other things that have become a characteristic of Steampunk. Along with the fact that a lot of the story wasn’t the underworld versus the law. This was more of a romance and a combination of the classic Snow Queen fairy tale and the modern adaption Frozen.

The stand out character for me was again the main character she was dealing with all her inner arguments with herself and that added some great depth to the character. Elyse was dealing with all the issues you would feel and Victorian women would be that was in the world all on her own. She had how she thought you should behave and then the nagging feeling that she should something else. Not only was it relative to the Victorian era it could apply to modern-day with people not seeing what’s in front of them all along.

The story for me was really well put together although at times when you thought about where Elyse had come from she was a bit too naive and would hope she had a bit more about her. That was the only negative from this story along with what normal makes Melanie’s books good their fast pace had you wondering about Elyse’s character in the wrong way especially when she was meeting up with three different men on the same night.

Overall on Goodreads I gave Ice and Embers 4/5 because although I am not into romance really and there is an argument that this book is a romance more than a steampunk novel it was refreshing and explored different writing for Melanie while still being in the Steampunk universe. Another side note is the About the Author Section of this book is worth a read because it explains the inspiration and the differences between the original fairy tale and Frozen. Along with what made the characters.