The Loot Book Review

The Loot Book Review

The Loot by Craig Schaefer was a pick up when reading the first reads on kindle this month. I wanted something light after reading the Clash of Kings and this seemed quite light and easy reading when looking inside.

The Loot follows Charlie McCabe who has come back from her military career and Afghanistan at a bit of a lose end however that doesn’t last for long. She meets up with another veteran that knew her before she joined the forces and helps her get a job for a security firm when things get really strange really fast, along with the bookies that are after her father for gambling debts.

The story follows the two different storylines mainly focused on her job and protecting a client with some interesting twists. The twists are not that huge but they do keep you guessing and turns the story into more of an investigation than just an action story with her father’s debt breaking up the story and slows the pace down a little.

It’s hard not to pick Charlie as the stand out character in this story that said Dom and Beckett also held your attention and the character development was quite well done well keeping the pace of the story fast.

Overall, I have The Loot 4/5 because although unlike other books I was able to put this down but at the same time it had me wanting to read more at the same time. Along with the hope that we get a sequel because while the book had a good end it left it open enough to return and I would like to know more about these characters. I highly recommend pick up this book if you like a fast-paced investigation with some twist and turns with quite a bit of action.