A Clash of Kings Book Review

A Clash of Kings Book Review

A Clash of Kings is the second book of George RR Martin in the series A Song of Ice and Fire otherwise known as the Game of Thrones Series from HBO. I must admit I started reading this book again half way through as I kind of left the books behind when started to watch the TV Show.

Part of the reason for trying the books again is now that the TV show has concluded I wanted to go back and enjoy the story again with the extra detail the books good bring. The problem here though although the books are really well written I don’t know what it is I just find them hard to get through. Even starting half way through this book I still found it a slog and has taken well over a month to finish.

As I started this book half way through its hard to gauge the story and with the TV show moving so much further it was difficult to pick up after the first couple of chapters I knew where I was and just carried on reading but from a review stand point this makes it harder. What I do like about the story though is the detail it brings from each character’s perspective. We see Reek appear before Winterfell is sacked by the Bolton’s with an interesting twist which I can’t remember if that was in the show or not.

In the TV show I took a liking to Tyrion but my favourite characters were Jon and at times Arya with Danny but reading this book it gave me more of an insight into Davos and Tyrion and that makes me want to read more, even Caitlyn is more fleshed out than the TV Show from memory feels like.

Overall, I gave A Clash of Kings 3/5 on Goodreads because I enjoyed it but it just felt like hard work at times. I do honestly think it is the size of the book for me because it felt the same with Mary Queen of Scots. Will I continue to read the books in the series? Yes but I think I will have to break them and not read them back to back like I have other series, or try to other books on the go at the same time and dip in and out.