I'll Never Tell Book Review

I'll Never Tell Book Review

I’ll Never Tell by Catherine McKenzie is about a deeply buried secrets that make for a disturbing family reunion.

I picked up I’ll Never Tell by Catherine McKenzie when I noticed it on the Amazon first reads and decided to give it ago. As I wanted to try something different and it was the only book that appeared to be written in first person when looking at the look inside feature. This wasn’t to be the case as I started to read the book and at times, I did find it difficult to read, but was definitely interesting seeing the story develop through different people’s eyes.

I’ll Never Tell sees a family come together for the reading of the will of their parents that has an interesting stipulation. The girls of the family have to decide whether their brother deserves a share of the property they own or not by deciding whether he was guilty of causing an accident 20 years previously or not. The story is well thought out with some interesting twists that I wasn’t expecting but at times also difficult to follow. I would definitely consider this a psychological mystery but saying that it has a great suspense would be wrong. The story itself and the way it is told will have you understanding the different people’s motives and the mystery itself keeps twisting and turning but the suspense part just isn’t there.

I also found it hard to pick out a standout character within the story because although you had one or two major characters none of the less character really played a lesser of a role. The focus is interesting at times and the switch to everyone story is intriguing but difficult.

I’ll Never Tell got a 3/5 on Goodreads for me because at times I was considering putting the book down the way certain events were repeated from different people’s views but in third person not first was difficult for me and I was even considering a 2/5. However, as I got towards the end of the story it made sense and rescued the book for me.