Lycans and Legends a Steampunk Fairy Tale Book Review

Lycans and Legends a Steampunk Fairy Tale Book Review

Lycans and Legends: A Steampunk Fairy Tale by Melanie Karsak is the 6th and final book in the Steampunk Red Riding Hood Series. Lycans and Legends carries on from Howls and Hallows where Clemeny is trying to work out how her new life choices will affect her life and even if what her heart wants even possible. However, on the return to London someone is trying to assassinate the Queen.

For a few months Clemeny has been back in London and for the most part been able to avoid Edwin working the opposite shifts after declining his hand in marriage but when the Queen is threatened it brings them together along with all the other agents from the Red Coat Society to try and protect the Queen and the realm. Lycans and Legends has been the first book that I have actually pre-ordered since starting my reading journey as even though for me so on the previous books started to feel like they were slowing up and not quite holding my not wanting to put down feeling there was something about this series. As I got the book at ten past midnight my time, I proceeded to read it throughout the day and even though work commitments got in the way more than most days I still manage to finish it within a day.

The standout character for me in this book was Clemeny I hate adding the main character as the standout character in a book as they have an advantage over the rest but this book was so well written and although in most of the books in the series had been heavily focused on the case in hand or small parts of Clemeny personal life this book brought together the unanswered questions. This case made Clemeny go into more detail about her past and where she came from, started to make her realise she didn’t just have to worry about herself anymore there was more to life than her job and to see that development was really well put together.

Overall, I gave Lycans and Legends a 4/5 on Goodreads but the more I think about it, this book could have quite easily been a 5/5. It is the final book in the series (arc) so could be more but it brings a nice end to the series while still leaving a huge amount of questions if the author ever wants to return the series.

My final thoughts on the Steampunk Red Riding Hood series by Melanie Karsak, is that it’s a light read that I would recommend to anyone, you don’t need to be a fan of the Red Riding Hood fairy tale to enjoy this book series. It has werewolves, vampires and ghosts just to name a few with some really good mysteries and even a romance angle for me the series has something for everyone.