Howls and Hallows a Steampunk Fairy Tale Book Review

Howls and Hallows a Steampunk Fairy Tale Book Review

Howls and Hallows by Melanie Karsak the 5th Book in the Steampunk Red Riding Hood series. See Clemeny take on a new case that takes her into Edwin Hunters world but still having to deal with the supernaturals that she is used to dealing with.

Howls and Hallows does a really good job of bringing a case that Clemeny would be brought in on and sees her reunited with a partner. But this book does more than adding a mystery it brings in social classes and how they differ in the Victorian era and the way which people deal with different social situations.

Lionheart is never too far away from Clemeny thoughts and it brings an interesting love triangle that she doesn’t want to deal with. As the case unfolds though it adds some extra dimensions to the love triangle and also has Clemeny making a decision that shows that nothing is black and white. Even though she is there to be law enforcement and protect the human population from the supernatural this explores the coexisting even more than previous books. As Clemeny herself holds werewolves in contempt apart from the Templars which are scholars of their species.

Overall, I gave this book 4/5 on Goodreads as even at a time I am struggling to read this book wasn’t a chore to read when I did pick it up. I liked the dynamic of the characters and the way in which the story shifted so that the mystery wasn’t the only thing that was a focus point.

Can’t wait for the next instalment and have pre-ordered and definitely a series I would recommend even if you’re not into fairy tales.