Alphas and Airships Book Review

Alphas and Airships Book Review

Alphas and Airship is the second book in the Steampunk Red Riding Hood Series by Melanie Karsak. Its set in the aftermath of Wolves and Daggers where Lionheart is now the new alpha and because of Quinn’s decision has left Clemeny without a partner with a new threat on the horizon the Vikings are coming to town.

Alphas and Airship see the concerns that Clemeny has with having a new partner and the need to go to Scotland to try and stop the new threat. You see Clemeny come to terms with her injuries and the realisation that although things have changed she can trust her new partner even if the partner’s skill set is slightly different to her previous partner. While in Scotland it was quite interesting to see the Loch Nass Monster make a cameo appearance proving that Clemeny while across all things werewolf she didn’t have a knowledge of everything supernatural.

This review has been difficult to write because of a cold, I found it quite hard to read like I have been lately and thus even though a small book it took a while to complete. The stand out character for me though was Agent Harper, because Harper made Clemeny think different and adjust how she would approach a situation. Along with the other sub-theme of the book and that is Clemeny wants to find a man, and this leads to some interesting thoughts and makes Clemeny human and not a constant jobsworth.

The one negative in this instalment is that there was a lack of Lionheart. With Sir Richard’s reservation about taking the Alpha role in London in Wolves and Daggers, I felt that Alphas and Airships left this subject wide open. We knew that he would be different from the previous Alpha but we didn’t see him enough to understand how he’s adjusting to a role he didn’t want.

Alphas and Airships got a 3/5 on Goodreads, I found it hard to give this 3/5 because I’d previously given Wolves and Daggers 3 and felt it was slightly better. The reason for giving Alpha and Airships a 3 was because I enjoyed it and couldn’t lower it to a 2 because of the lack of power shift in London now Lionheart is the alpha.